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166 - Cat Food and Colours

How curious! This shopper ends their list by specifying that the "cat food" must be "(kitten food)". Now, as readers of the Compendium will know, I am a fan of shoppers who add specific details to general items. This specific detail, though, doesn't strike me as being particularly specific but rather a bit of a waste of time writing. They could simply have said "kitten food" as this is as general as the item on their list, or "cat food (Felix kitten)" if they wanted to be a bit more specific. This list isn't going to help anyone.

The second item is also intriguing. "Magenta red BA238" draws a blank when I put it into Google, but "BA238" Googles as both a red coloured fishing fly, a red Bandit motorbike...and part of the hexidecimal identification number for magenta colours on computers. What is it doing on this list?
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This site is made possible by the kind people who abandon their shopping list at the end of a trip to the supermarket. I collect those shopping lists. You might refer to these as grocery lists, which strikes me as a bit strange because not all the items on the lists are groceries. Anyhow, I won't worry myself about it if you won't.

For those of you who have asked why I do this, please just be content with the fact that I do. I saw a list lying abandoned in a trolley once, and thought, "I'll have that". So I did.

Each shopping list I find is added to my collection along with comments about each list, which usually consist of me spouting on about the possible personality of the person who wrote it. I'm quite harsh at times, at others I feel a pang of compassion. Sometimes I just don't know what items are. Hopefully it will aid your procrastination.

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