Thursday, June 08, 2006

276 - This is a List

This is a list. Oh yes it is. And it's not just any old list, it's a THISISAKNIFE list.

I've just got back from Tesco with the nice chaps from Channel 4's weekly videocast, thisisaknife who featured the Compendium in January. Donal, Tim and I wandered around the trolleys searching out more lists while they recorded a nice little interview for this week's show.

This was the first list we found, and I promised to upload it to the web in case any thisisaknife viewers wanted to see the goodness :)

As for the list, there's a couple of things that stand out. One of them is the fact that "Bread" is written - not only in black pen rather than a pencil - but aso in different handwriting. The second exciting thing is that this is a shopper who either wishes to buy a straight caddy for tea, or maybe already has the caddy but wants some tea leaves for it. How very confusing! You can tell it's summer though - lots of "Salad" and things, although quite why "cucumber" needs to be listed separately is slightly inconsistent.


Scotty said...

Hi Mr Mistofflees,

Believe me, there are plenty of new lists but I'm really struggling to find time to update the site at the moment. I've got a great big pile of un-scanned and un-analysed lists sat on my desk but need to find a few hours to sit down and work through them. Unfortunately increased busy-ness at work has coincided with us buying our first house that needs a bit of work doing on it, so I'm afraid we need to get that out of the way at the moment. But never fear, the Compendium has not finished - there's plenty more to come!

All the best,
Curator of the Shopping List Compendium

Anonymous said...

Why is it inconsistent that cucumbers is listed separately? Whenever I make a grocery list, I put "salad" and I mean "lettuce" by it. I'd put "cucumbers" seperately too... cucumbers, carrots, celery...all of 'em. Separate. Hm...