Sunday, November 27, 2005

229 - Plan Personnel at McDonalds

Plan Personnel offer industrial commercial and catering temporary staff. Also, they either provide these staff to McDonalds...or their employees eat there.

While waiting for a train from Kings Cross, Alice and I came across this list in the charity collection box at the McDonalds opposite the station entrance. Judging by the fact that all the items are from the breakfast menu, I can come to the conclusion that this list had been there all day (as we weren't in the store until 7.30pm).

This indicates two things. Firstly, that some people feel that McDonalds Breakfasts are charity and, secondly, that the McDonalds in Kings Cross is not cleaned as often as one would hope. Perhaps Plan Personnel could help them out?

228 - Comprehensive Unused

As far as comprehensive, pre-prepared lists go, this is a good 'un. However, I shudder at the way it has been used. I mean, so few items are indicated it's hardly worth using the pre-prepared list.

But it's worse than that. 10 x "Heinz Tomato Soup"? 6 x "Evaporated Milk"? 3+3 x "WHISKY"?!

This is no ordinary list but rather the ventings of a maniac, surely.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

227 - Very Dirty Bathroom

Aha! Dotted around the page like something out of the Da Vinci Code this list is not a secret code but rather an expression of precise organisation. I'm particularly perturbed by the large number of cleaning items on the list (especially the "rust remover"), considering the shopper is also buying basics such as "eggs", "cheese" and "sugar". On such a shop as this I would expect to see less cleaning materials and more food.

226 - Mexican and Stuff

Although surrounded by loads of other 'stuff', it's easy to spot the items for a Mexican dinner perching in amongst this list. "Onion", "Mince x 2", "chilli Jar" (see, I told you it was there), "Red kidney beans" and "Tortilla's + cheese" (despite the incorrect apostrophe) make a pretty good chilli con carne in my book. However, I personally favour the addition of Dragonfart's Wet 'N Reddy Barbeque Sauce for an extra kick in my recipe. Diana who makes and sells the stuff is a very friendly and helpful person. I suggest you get in touch and buy some.

But I'm getting sidetracked by my stomach.

I assume that the "bolognaise" listed is, therefore, of the ready-meal type as the individual recipe items are not specified. After all, if you go to the effort of listing chilli ingredients you would have added the bolognaise stuff as this, too, is mince based.

Wouldn't you?

225 - Becca Might be at School

Becca needs "TPaste + BBath". At least she's keeping clean, which is good. There's something about this list that feels it's written by mum, and therefore Becca is her daughter.

There is, therefore, the distinct possibility that, as Becca is at school (note the "School Bars", whatever they are) she is one of the Beccas at the school where I it's barely 5 minutes' walk from the Tesco where I picked this list up.

Pointless Site

Despite the fact I've been too busy to add any of the billions of lists that are crowding my desk, it's really nice that people have continued to pop by and look at the stuff already on here. Today I've also been given the honour of being an official Pointless Site, thanks to the nice people at

So, I guess it's time I got off my backside and scanned some lists in...